FAIRYTALE TIARA White Satin Handmade Flowers, Rhinestones, Vintage Crystals and Beads, Variegated French Ribbon Leaves. Bridal Crown


"From golden coach to limousine from Imperial Boudoir to Hollywood dressing room, Tiaras continue to cast their spell." This moonlit Fairytale Tiara weaves rays of light as it joins up with a past peopled with vestals, courtesans, wayward young women and Ophelia, her long hair entwined with morning glory. The main flowers are fashioned with white satin ribbon highlighted with seed beads, crystals and rhinestones. Variegated green French ribbon is the backdrop for this jewel encrusted bridal garden. Inside, the satin lining and delicate silk ribbon trim flowers complete this one of a kind Tiara fit for Fairy Queens.

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